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Mathematics in Physics Education

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Framework of Mathematization in Physics from a Teaching Perspective
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    Chapter 2 The “Math as Prerequisite” Illusion: Historical Considerations and Implications for Physics Teaching
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    Chapter 3 Students’ Understanding of Algebraic Concepts
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    Chapter 4 Mathematical Representations in Physics Lessons
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    Chapter 5 What Is Learned About the Roles of Mathematics in Physics While Learning Physics Concepts? A Mathematics Sensitive Look at Physics Teaching and Learning
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    Chapter 6 Blending Physical Knowledge with Mathematical Form in Physics Problem Solving
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    Chapter 7 Theorems-in-Action for Problem-Solving and Epistemic Views on the Relationship Between Physics and Mathematics Among Preservice Physics Teachers
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    Chapter 8 Learning to Use Formulas and Variables for Constructing Computer Models in Lower Secondary Physics Education
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    Chapter 9 Graph in Physics Education: From Representation to Conceptual Understanding
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    Chapter 10 Comparing Student Understanding of Graphs in Physics and Mathematics
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    Chapter 11 Combining Physics and Mathematics Learning: Discovering the Latitude in Pre-service Subject Teacher Education
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    Chapter 12 Role of Teachers as Facilitators of the Interplay Physics and Mathematics
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    Chapter 13 A Case Study of the Role of Mathematics in Physics Textbooks and in Associated Lessons
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    Chapter 14 Starting with Physics: A Problem-Solving Activity for High-School Students Connecting Physics and Mathematics
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    Chapter 15 Taking the Phys-Math Interplay from Research into Practice
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    Chapter 16 Algodoo as a Microworld: Informally Linking Mathematics and Physics
Attention for Chapter 11: Combining Physics and Mathematics Learning: Discovering the Latitude in Pre-service Subject Teacher Education
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