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Socio-scientific Issues in the Classroom

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Table of Contents

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    Book Overview
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    Chapter 1 Situating Socio-scientific Issues in Classrooms as a Means of Achieving Goals of Science Education
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    Chapter 2 Enhancing the Authenticity of a Web-Based Module for Teaching Simple Inheritance
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    Chapter 3 Metalogue: Using Issues and Participatory Experiences to Enhance Student Learning and Interest
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    Chapter 4 Learning Science Content and Socio-scientific Reasoning Through Classroom Explorations of Global Climate Change
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    Chapter 5 Metalogue: Issues in the Conceptualization of Research Constructs and Design for SSI Related Work
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    Chapter 6 Effects of an Interdisciplinary Program on Students’ Reasoning with Socioscientific Issues and Perceptions of Their Learning Experiences
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    Chapter 7 Metalogue: SSI in Undergraduate Science Education
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    Chapter 8 Discussing a Socioscientific Issue in a Primary School Classroom: The Case of Using a Technology-Supported Environment in Formal and Nonformal Settings
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    Chapter 9 Metalogue: Assessment, Audience, and Authenticity for Teaching SSI and Argumentation
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    Chapter 10 Decision Making and Use of Evidence in a Socio-scientific Problem on Air Quality
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    Chapter 11 Metalogue: Engaging Students in Scientific and Socio-scientific Argumentation
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    Chapter 12 Different Music to the Same Score: Teaching About Genes, Environment, and Human Performances
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    Chapter 13 Metalogue: Design and Enactment of SSI Curriculum: Critical Theory, Difficult Content, and Didactic Transposition
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    Chapter 14 Learning Nature of Science Through Socioscientific Issues
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    Chapter 15 Metalogue: Preconditions and Resources for Productive Socio-scientific Issues Teaching and Learning
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    Chapter 16 Enacting a Socioscientific Issues Classroom: Transformative Transformations
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    Chapter 17 Metalogue: Balancing Tensions Associated with Extensive Enactment of SSI-Based Teaching
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    Chapter 18 A Case Study of the Impact of Introducing Socio-scientific Issues into a Reproduction Unit in a Catholic Girls’ School
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    Chapter 19 Metalogue: Critical Issues in Teaching Socio-scientific Issues
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    Chapter 20 Socio-scientific Issues-Based Education: What We Know About Science Education in the Context of SSI
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