Altmetric for Research & Development

Support commercial strategy with up-to-the minute business intelligence

Analyse the reach of your research

Your key stakeholders (from investors to patients to customers) are engaging 24/7 with journal articles, clinical trials, data, posters, and presentations from corporate and research entities globally.

Altmetric tracks the online shares and commentary to provide critical, real time insights not only about research you produce but research produced by others relevant to your business.


Understand your audience

The communities engaging with your research each have their own goals and preferred channels. Altmetrics provide a new level of visibility into the varied interactions that take place every day:

Pharma audience 2

Make data-driven decisions

Altmetric’s data enables to monitor engagement with online research content for the purposes of:

Key Opinion Leader identification

Altmetric tracks and collates mentions from thousands of sources in real-time, making it easy to determine who is drawing a lot of attention to your research and driving the discourse. 


Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.28.47

Competitive analysis

Powerful insights into the reach, influence and potential impacts of research published by other organizations that can be factored into strategic planning.

Horizon scanning and trend analysis

The immediacy of Altmetric’s data makes it possible to identify emerging trends and topics whilst monitoring the broader research landscape at the same time. 

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 11.33.30

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.23.01

Reputation management

Altmetric displays the online conversations surrounding your research as soon as it’s published, meaning you can make sure it’s not being misrepresented or misinterpreted.

Publications planning

Make data-driven decisions to ensure maximum ROI from your publishing and marketing activities.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 10.32.48

Uncover stakeholder insights

Altmetric data and tools can be used to improve the effectiveness of publication planning, understand which outlets your stakeholders are using to find their medical information and uncover influencer trends within therapeutic areas.

“Altmetric data can be helpful in supporting return on investment analysis when examining the value of your current content portfolio; it brings a new dimension to how content is being used.”

— Andrew Clark, Director Scientific Information, UCB Pharma

Showcase your research

Building your own platform or database? Enhance your publications, posters, conference presentations and clinical trials with Altmetric badges – colorful visualizations that can be easily embedded into any platform to provide an at-a-glance summary of the online attention an item has received.

Altmetric badges update in real time to show:

  • the Altmetric Attention Score
  • the number of mentions per source
  • the breadth of attention received

Visitors to your site can click on the badges to view the Altmetric details page for each item, where they can explore all of the original mentions from each source.

More than just a platform

Altmetric offer a range of tools, services and solutions to help you get the most from our data:


  • Custom visualizations of Altmetric data
  • Custom Data Queries
  • Custom analysis and reports
  • Poster and presentation engagement tracking


Web solutions

  • Altmetric badges – Add the colorful Altmetric badges to your platforms to showcase the engagement surrounding your research
  • Commercial API – Display and analyze Altmetric’s data how you want, where you want
  • Explorer platform – What attention is your company’s research receiving, and how does it compare?

How are other companies using Altmetric?

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