Validate your publishing decisions and shape successful strategies

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Give stakeholders an at-a-glance view of journal performance and success, and uncover valuable data to help shape your strategy

Now more than ever, marketing professionals need to demonstrate the reach and influence of publications to their stakeholders, from the editorial board to authors. 

So they must be able to evaluate journal performance – and show that their work is succeeding. 

And analytics professionals also need to support internal stakeholders, by building a 360-degree view of all the organization’s journals to help with decision-making. 

But whether you’re in marketing or analytics, tracking down the data you need is time-consuming. Making sense of it is complex. And because traditional methods miss important online audiences, getting a true picture of performance is a real challenge. 

This customizable dashboard makes it quick and easy to track journal engagement, benchmark progress, and go beyond a narrow citations-based view to discover the bigger global picture

It uses altmetrics combined with Dimensions, to give you an unprecedented level of detail and insight – presented in a visual, shareable report that’s easy for you and your stakeholders to digest. 

You’ll be able to:

  • benchmark a journal’s true performance against others
  • make precise comparisons, even in niche areas
  • see global mentions of your journals in social media, the news or policy documents
  • go beyond a narrow citations-based view and discover the bigger global picture
  • gain a broader understanding of how your journal’s performance is translating research into real-world impact
  • access robust data in a few clicks, designed to help you validate business decisions and effectively shape your strategy 

Track and report on three key areas

Customizable to your exact needs, your bespoke Journal Benchmark dashboard reveals the data you need to be successful.

1. How can I see an individual journal’s performance in detail
Easily demonstrate the value of your campaigns with an interactive, engaging, and visual report that goes beyond traditional metrics. You can see how your journal is performing within subject areas, disciplines, geographies, and more.

2. How can I see how my journal compares with competitors?
Make precise comparisons between your own journals and your competitors’ – even in niche areas like open vs closed vs hybrid journals, or Open Access vs non-OA performance

3. How can I see how people are discussing my journal online?
The Journal Benchmark Impact Report looks not only at volume and reach but also at who’s saying what online. Bespoke sentiment analysis reveals the tone of conversations in near real-time, so you can assess opinion and real-world impact.

How you benefit

  • Demonstrate value to your stakeholders by showcasing marketing-influenced revenue with easy-to-interpret, sharable dashboards
  • Support author engagement and help to diversify the author pool
  • Easily decipher vast amounts of data and information
  • Enhance your strategic decision-making, by learning from competitor performance
  • Get actionable insights that you can easily combine with other data to build new strategies or validate existing ones

Try our Journal Benchmark dashboard

Whether you’re in marketing or analytics, you’ll be able to do your job more easily and give your stakeholders what they want. Talk to our friendly team today.

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