Uncover rising star KOLs in your therapeutic area

Uncover rising star KOLs in your therapeutic area

Identify new KOLs making their mark in your therapeutic area

To stay ahead of the competition, medical affairs teams need to work with the most valuable influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) in their therapeutic area. 

But searching for these KOLs is time-consuming. And you can easily miss swathes of potential collaborators – including digital opinion-leaders (DOLs), whose social media presence makes them influential, and rising star KOLs.  

Altmetric’s bespoke dashboards, in collaboration with Dimensions data, can help by searching quickly across millions of expert profiles to find the right people for your needs. Saving you hours of search time and countless missed opportunities, it also equips you to make smarter decisions.

The KOL and Rising Star dashboards:

  • Quickly locate and present you with the right KOLs for your therapeutic area
  • Reveal the rising stars and DOLs who can give you a serious competitive edge
  • Make it easy for you to assess each person’s reach, reception and resonance
  • Reveal and explore collaboration/mentorship networks between KOLs and rising stars

In minutes, you’ve pinpointed your most suitable collaborators and are ready to contact them.

Identify experts and understand their impact

1. Tap into your search criteria (report focus, research area, institution, affiliation type)

2. In seconds, get a clear picture of who’s working in your chosen therapeutic area, how long they’ve been doing so, who’s talking about this work and what they’re saying about it 

3. On the Mention Sources tab in Altmetric Explorer, use any social media listing to see who’s mentioning your search term the most

4. Or use the Demographics tab to see mentions in a specific country

Get an edge on the competition

  • Find the right rising stars for you and stay ahead of competitors 
  • Tap into a new pool of talent, reaching influential DOLs such as healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patient advocates
  • Recruit up and coming KOLs in your field of expertise
  • Be the first to spot rising stars, giving you an extra competitive advantage

Watch our video to learn more

Try our KOL and Rising Star dashboards

Whatever your focus in medical affairs, such as publication planning or communications planning, you can now find the right KOLs fast. To find out more, talk to our friendly team today.

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