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Altmetric data provides additional context and insights to users of redesigned Journal Whitelist

21 June 2017 — London, UK — Cabells, an industry leader in connecting researchers, librarians, administrators, and institutions to the journal titles they need, today announced the integration of Altmetric data into the redesigned Journal Whitelist database, which provides journal quality metrics on over 11,000 journals spanning 18 disciplines.

The data, which includes mentions of published research from sources such as news sites and social media, public policy documents, online reference managers, post-publication peer-review forums and other online platforms, is displayed in an Altmetric report on the journal’s associated metrics page.

The report provides a summary of all of the online attention received by articles published in the journal and includes the ‘median mentions per article’, which shows how often, on average, an article from that specific journal is mentioned online.

Speaking about the integration, Lacey Earle, Vice President of Business Development for Cabells said, “We are excited to be partnering with Altmetric to provide an aggregated journal-level metric designed to reflect real-world impact. Combining Altmetric’s attention insights with our journal data provides our users with a much more accurate and comprehensive picture of a publication’s significance. The partnership allows us to create media profiles for journals in our database and provide a novel format for understanding today’s dynamic digital landscape.”

Altmetric’s Founder Euan Adie adds, “The attention data collated by Altmetric provides valuable evidence of the reach and influence of journals, as well as individual articles. We’re pleased to be working with Cabells to provide these additional insights to their users, and look forward to seeing how this initiative develops.”

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About Cabells

Since its founding almost 40 years ago, Cabells services have grown to include both a journal whitelist and blacklist, manuscript preparation tools, and a suite of powerful metrics designed to help its users find the right journals, no matter the stage of their career. The searchable whitelist database includes 18 academic disciplines from more than 11,000 international scholarly publications. Through continued partnerships with major academic publishers, journal editors, scholarly societies, accreditation agencies, and other independent databases, Cabells provides accurate, up-to-date information about academic journals to more than 750 universities worldwide, with one goal in mind… to provide academics with accurate information and reputable outlets for publication. 

About Altmetric

Altmetric was founded in 2011 and has made it a mission to track and analyze the online activity around scholarly literature. It collates what people are saying about published research outputs in sources such as the mainstream media, policy documents, social networks, blogs, and other scholarly and non-scholarly forums to provide a more robust picture of the influence and reach of scholarly work. Altmetric works with some of the biggest publishers, funders, and institutions around the world to deliver this data in an accessible and reliable format.

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