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Over 3 million articles on Europe PMC will now display Altmetric badges, enabling users to view their scholarly and social impact

Europe PubMed Central (Europe PMC), the free online database of biomedical research abstracts, has integrated Altmetric badge visualisations to their database. The new integration offers users a colourful, collated record of online mentions, shares and discussions for each individual article.

Including the badges enables academics and researchers to click through to see the collated record of attention across a variety of sources including news and social media, public policy documents, post-publication review forums, online reference managers and Wikipedia, with all data updated in real-time. The badges are live now in the ‘External links’ tab of each abstract where users will see the Altmetric ‘donut’ and score.


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Commenting on the integration, Florian Gräf, Software Developer from Europe PMC, said, ‘We are very keen to give our users different ways to filter and analyse the content we host. Introducing Altmetric badges to the Europe PMC website provides easy access to different types of attention and makes it easier for researchers to engage with each other as well as a broader audience.’  

Altmetric’s Founder and CEO Euan Adie noted, ‘The addition of Altmetric badges to Europe PMC allows for immediate insight into the broader activity surrounding content indexed on the platform. Users will be able to clearly see the attention that each article has received amongst a wider audience, and make more informed decisions about their reference material’.

The badges are now live and visible on Europe PMC articles that Altmetric has found attention for.


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