Tips & Tricks

Helpful webinars, guides, videos and more to help you get started with altmetrics

Introducing altmetrics

Our “Beginners guide to altmetrics” video is a great place to start with altmetrics.

In this short video we explain what altmetrics are, how they can be applied your research and how they can complement citation based metrics.

Resources for Librarians


Download our new free ebook “Altmetrics for Librarians: 100+ tips, tricks, and examples” which provides the “nuts and bolts” needed for using altmetrics in a variety of library scenarios.


“A practical guide to altmetrics for scholarly communication Librarians” includes examples and ideas for altmetrics services for scholarly communication teams in academic libraries.


“How to make better collection management decisions by combining traditional metrics and altmetrics”  discusses the pros and cons of each type of metric and their applicability to the selection of journals and books.

Resources for Researchers

“Tips & tricks: promoting your research online” provides an overview of the tools and techniques you can use to get your research viewed by as many people as possible.

“Altmetrics in action: examples and feedback from data-savvy researchers” includes practical information on using altmetrics in your workflow.

This “How to use Altmetrics for Promotion and Tenure” PDF guide covers all the information you need to include altmetrics in your tenure dossier

Download “A guide to using altmetrics data in your NIH Biosketch CV” for information on how to use altmetrics in your NIH Biosketch CV to demonstrate impact, reach and engagement.

This “How to choose where to publish using altmetrics” guide will help you pick which journal to submit your work to.

Altmetrics offer researchers and organizations powerful insights into conversations happening around research.  

With the global pandemic postponing or cancelling in-person events, showcasing the value of your work online has become increasingly important.  Funders still want to see what the broader impacts of your research are, how you’ve engaged with different audiences, and to gather as much context as possible in relation to the grant you are applying for.  Being able to be found easily and quickly online will help.

Making use of Altmetric (and other altmetrics) tools and selecting highlights to include in your personal summary can really help support your case.

We’ve created this content to offer some top tips for making your research more discoverable – take a look and see which of the techniques would be most suitable for attracting the audiences you want to reach, and what you might be able to easily integrate into your existing workflows.

“Tips & tricks: promoting your research online” provides 10 top tips you can use to help you promote your research online.



Read our simple infographic to find out how you can make sure your research is tracked.



Discover how altmetrics can help you find new content and research communication channels to help inform your research in our article.

You can catch up on our latest webinars for some additional insights and advice:

Building your online reputation

In this webinar on we share must-know reputation building strategies that save time and help you build connections.


How to use altmetrics for professional advancement

In this webinar we explain how to use altmetrics responsibly for career advancement.

Resources for Publishers


Our blog post “Publishers: making altmetrics work for you” includes information on how altmetrics can be used in marketing, editorial activities and to support sales objectives.


Download the ebook we produced with Scholastica: “The evolution of impact factors: from bibliometrics to altmetrics” which examines the evolution of impact and how altmetrics fit in to the picture.

This two page “Altmetrics for Editors” guide includes all the information you need to start tracking the attention your publications are receiving online.


Publishers: Applying Altmetrics

In this webinar guest speakers from Wiley, Ecological Society of America and Michigan Publishing share their experience and advice for using altmetrics.


Altmetrics for journal editors

This webinar shows you how altmetrics can be used for tracking engagement, reporting on reach and influence, identifying high profile authors and recognising trends in subject areas.