Altmetric Top 100

Find out which research caught the public imagination each year

About the Top 100

The Altmetric Top 100 is an annual list of the research that has most captured the public’s imagination each year, based on the data collected by Altmetric.

From academic rigor to shocking medical discoveries, from online “call out culture” to collective horror over the climate crisis, the only theme that these papers typically have in common is their ability to start conversations.

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How we created the 2019 Altmetric Top 100

On November 15th, we retrieved a list of the most discussed research in our database that was published in the past 365 days. We checked the data to ensure that included works created by researchers, rather than news written by a journalist.

We then pared down the list to the Top 100 results ranked by Altmetric Attention Score and checked each output for the following data, using a combination of manual and automated means:

  • Open Access status
  • Publisher
  • Subject area
  • Author affiliation
  • Publication date (first published online)

To the best of our ability, we also manually checked each article’s Altmetric Details Page to weed out research that may have received a large amount of inorganic (i.e. spam) attention.

This year’s methods for creating the Top 100 are a departure from years past. That means this year’s list includes systematic reviews, researchers’ letters to the editor, case studies submitted to medical journals, and many other kinds of scholarly contributions.

We made these changes to highlight the many ways that researchers can have an impact through their scholarship. We also hope that these changes will bring attention to the fact that many factors can influence the attention that research receives.

The past and future of the Top 100

You can find previous year’s Top 100 lists via the links below:

We’d love your input on the future direction of the Top 100! Please tweet us @altmetric with your thoughts, or send us an email at