Meet Our Team

Kathy Christian


Kathy’s most important tasks at Altmetric are to ensure team unity through proper beverage selection at team outings and collaborative poking of fun at our beloved Founder, Euan.

When not doing that, Kathy is responsible for running the company! She works with Euan in setting the direction for product development and the company’s strategy. Kathy originally joined Altmetric as COO before moving to her current role as CEO, and previously worked at Elsevier for 6 years. She completed her MBA at LBS and worked in drug development for 9 years, primarily at J&J. These days, like any good Canadian expat, you will often find her espousing the virtues of hockey, maple syrup and Tim Horton’s (note: hockey is played on ice, not on grass).

Favorite donut: Maple twist (obviously)