Meet Our Team

Maciej Gajewski


In September 2014 Maciej left beautiful Poland to come to London to work at Altmetric.

Since then he has been a proud member of The Bakery team, responsible for keeping all the Altmetric services alive and well! In his free time he photographs London, learns foreign languages and linguistics, studies machine learning, and reads every book about cosmology he can lay his hands on.

Favorite donut: Pączek od Bliklego

About Maciej’s role:

I’m responsible for, apart from my normal programming-related responsibilities, I am responsible for organizing our teams weekly Gathering meetings, taking company photos during Summer/Winter parties, and making sure our office snack-box is well stocked!
In an average day I … I don’t think I have average days! When my days become average I tend to change something, to keep things interesting!
The best part of my job is that I work with people I like. I learned over the years that you can work on the hardest, most annoying problems, but with the right people, everything is much more fun!
The most interesting thing I’ve learnt since starting at Altmetric is, this one is hard, I literally use TIL (Today I Learned) every other day on our company Slack channel.
Let’s see:
* Bees have pollen baskets
* Pastrami comes from Romania, not Italy!
* “Mingle” and “among” come from the same root word “mengan“!
* Smoking was permitted on the tube until 1984
And many, many more…
The thing I’m most looking forward to next is oh, I think, at the moment it’s the lead climbing course I take next year!