The Altmetric Widget is Here!

Cat Williams
two columns with donut icons beside lists of articles

One of the great things about altmetrics is that they can bring to your attention papers which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Unless you have the time to endlessly trawl table of contents or RSS alerts, keeping up with the big news and developments in your field of interest is often a challenge.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce the release of the Altmetric widget generator. Built for bloggers, all you need to do to create your own custom embed code is input a keyword and/or select a subject area. The generator will then pull in relevant articles and their related altmetric score, based on that criteria. You can specify the size of the widget (thin, medium, or wide) depending on where you would like it to sit on your page, and it will update automatically as new papers are published and begin to receive attention online.

In this example we’ve used the keyword “altmetrics”:

two columns with donut icons beside lists of articles
Altmetric widget

Help your readers discover content that will be of interest to them by creating your Altmetric widget today!

You might also like to check out our WordPress plugin, which will help you embed our delightful donuts wherever you mention a research article.

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