‘The Effective Statistician’ – Measuring the impact of our research via data science on data

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Our Head of Data Insights, Mike Taylor, recently sat down with Alexander Schacht for an episode of ‘The Effective Statistician’ podcast. You can listen to the episode here.

During the episode, Mike and Alexander discuss Altmetric and Dimensions and the importance of understanding the reach and influence of clinical and scientific research beyond citations and understanding the full journey, from idea to impact. 

Alexander and Mike touch on a number of interesting topics during the interview, including how Altmetric and Dimensions work together in uncovering this journey, but also the insights that can be gleaned from the kind of data the tools provide. 

I get to sit in the middle of this wonderful web with both Dimensions data and Altmetric and I pull the two things together. And together, I can create these translational maps of where research is going from the laboratory through to the hospital and into the broader population.’ – Mike Taylor

The discussion also touches on Key Opinion Leaders and how using Altmetric and Dimensions data, links can be identified and groups of the influential leaders in different research spheres can be discovered. 

When diving into the research landscape of a particular Therapeutic Area or clinical research focus, getting the low down on who is authoring with whom, and who is ‘leading the pack’, is crucial. 

Mike and Alexander also discuss how having this kind of insight into the dissemination and ‘journey’ of research provides ‘organizational wisdom’ that can enhance foresight, competitor analysis or benchmarking and importantly, inform outreach and publication strategies.

Don’t miss this exciting discussion all about the actionable insights that Altmetric and Dimensions data can provide… 

The end of the story is not the publication. The end of the story is how it’s picked up.’ – Alexander Schact

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