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Being aware of the online conversations around your institution’s research is essential for building a complete picture of reach, impact and influence. Altmetric provides tools that make it easy to track and report on the online activity surrounding scholarly publications – insights that you can use to strengthen funding applications, … Read More
Gathering reliable data to support your researchers to help their career progression can be challenging. Altmetric provides data and tools that give librarians immediate insight into how published research is being received by the academic and wider community. In this webinar, Senior Engagement Manager, Patty Smith MLIS, and Director of … Read More
Gathering reliable and up-to-the-minute data on how research is being received within academic communities and by the public can be challenging. Altmetric, a leading web-based metrics provider, offer data and tools that give a unique and immediate understanding of the influence that research is having. In this session Ben Mcleish, … Read More
Publisher marketing teams have a big ask: those that communicate most closely with libraries are constantly looking for ways to demonstrate the value of their content, show themselves to be an innovative and supportive partner, and to help librarians navigate increasingly complex subscription and OA publishing models. So how can … Read More
Want to plan effective social media promotional strategies for your various publications and content types? In this session we’re discussing practical social media tips & tricks for publishers. Speaking are industry experts Phaedra Cress, Altmetric Ambassador and Executive Editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and Steve Dudley, Chief Operations Officer … Read More
Gathering reliable data to inform book commissioning strategies can be challenging. In this session, Tyler Ruse, Director of Publisher Solutions at Digital Science, Mike Taylor, Head of Metrics Development at Digital Science, and Rebecca Welzenbach, Research Impact Librarian at the University of Michigan, explore the commissioning insights that Altmetric data … Read More