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Want to plan effective social media promotional strategies for your various publications and content types? In this session we’re discussing practical social media tips & tricks for publishers. Speaking are industry experts Phaedra Cress, Altmetric Ambassador and Executive Editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and Steve Dudley, Chief Operations Officer … Read More
Would you like to provide immediate feedback to your authors on the broader attention and discussions around their publications? This webinar provides an introduction to Altmetric badges and shows how they can provide you with a useful tool for demonstrating your commitment to helping your authors achieve broader impacts. Key … Read More
Gathering reliable data to inform book commissioning strategies can be challenging. In this session, Tyler Ruse, Director of Publisher Solutions at Digital Science, Mike Taylor, Head of Metrics Development at Digital Science, and Rebecca Welzenbach, Research Impact Librarian at the University of Michigan, explore the commissioning insights that Altmetric data … Read More
The modern marketing and communications landscape is moving towards multi-skilled roles. With the line between PR, communications, social media and digital marketing diminishing, people are becoming more cross-disciplinary which brings its own challenges.  Managing a diverse workload can leave little time for the big-picture thinking that is needed; but this … Read More
Akademische Einrichtungen die Welt ueber finden es nun zunehmend wichtig, einschätzen zu können, wie ihre Forschung wichtige globale Fragen beeinflussen. Dazu müssen sie die Online Erwähnungen und Weiterverwendungen ihrer Publikationen in die United Nations Sustainable Development Goals automatisch einteilen können. Ben McLeish lädt Sie ganz herzlich ein, um eine Demo … Read More
It might sound obvious to say that authors are essential to the success of a book, but that statement holds true far beyond the actual writing phase. Getting a book noticed, ensuring you are bringing it to the attention of the right people, and positioning it as a valuable … Read More
The use of cannabis as medicine is a much debated topic due to governmental restrictions, resulting in limited clinical research to define the safety and efficacy of using cannabis to treat diseases. Join Digital Science’s Head of Metrics Development, Mike Taylor , as he deep dives into the data behind … Read More