Request Altmetric access

Thanks for your interest in using Altmetric data for research!

Before we begin your application, it is important to note that your use of Altmetric data and tools will be subject to legal terms that:

  1. Limit use to your own non-commercial purposes for the approved project.
  2. Do not allow the publishing, display or redistribution of Altmetric data.
  3. Require you to keep Altmetric data secure and confidential and to notify Digital Science of any unauthorized access or use. This should involve you taking all reasonable security precautions, for example password protecting files or storage devices, physically securing access to computers, etc.
  4. Require the deletion of Altmetric data no later than when the approved purpose is complete or the approved period of access has expired, unless otherwise agreed.
  5. Require you to acknowledge the use of Altmetric as part of the approved project. We are not fussed about the exact form, but we do ask that the acknowledgement is clearly displayed and (where electronic) links back to and that it does not suggest we endorse you or your use.
  6. Allow us to verify your compliance with these terms.

Please bear in mind, this is just a simple summary of some of the most important (and not a substitute for) the full legal terms that apply to Altmetric, which you must agree to before submitting your application. If your application is accepted, a copy of these terms will be sent to you for your future reference.

Please bear a few things in mind as you complete your application:

  • Access is intended to support noncommercial research only for specific research projects
  • Applications that are clear, concise, and jargon-free are more likely to be approved quickly.
  • No-cost Altmetric access is intended for university researchers only. If you or your collaborators work for a funding agency, publisher, or business, please get in touch to discuss licensing options.
  • Access is intended to support noncommercial research only.
  • Make sure to list university email addresses for yourself and any collaborators.