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Find the altmetrics for your articles

Article insights for individual researchers

Want to find out the Altmetric details for a paper you’ve published? Install our free bookmarklet for Chrome, Firefox and Safari to view the online shares and mentions of an article with a single click.


Quick and easy

The Bookmarklet makes it easy for researchers to get started with altmetrics – just fill in the form below and you’ll be shown how add this simple tool to your browser. Free-to-subscribe email addresses such as,, or are not permitted – you will need to use an email address registered at your institution or organization.

Try it out!

All set? Great, take it for a spin! Here are some example articles to try it out on. Just visit them, then click on the “Altmetric it” bookmark you just added:


A few small things we need to mention…

  • The Bookmarklet only works on PubMed, arXiv or pages containing a DOI with Google Scholar friendly citation metadata
  • Twitter mentions are only available for articles published since July 2011
  • You can request support for a particular journal by asking @altmetric for it on Twitter
  • Are you a publisher? Don’t use this bookmarklet! We have much better tools for you, just get in touch.


We’ve tried to make the Bookmarklet as straightforward and easy to use as possible. Below we’ve covered some common issues we know our users sometimes have, or you can visit our Support Forum for more information.

  • Got the bookmarklet properly installed but finding it doesn’t work on some pages even though you can see a DOI on them? Try refreshing the page, highlighting the DOI with your cursor, and then clicking ‘Altmetric It’ again.
  • Nothing happening when you drag the link to install the Bookmarklet? Confusingly, Chrome will let you drag the bookmarklet to the area where the icons for your extensions appear (to the right of the address box). This isn’t the bookmarks bar, which is normally underneath the address box and may be turned off by default. To fix this, go to the View menu and select “Always Show Bookmarks Bar”.If you can’t see a bookmark bar on Firefox, go to the View -> Toolbars menu and check Bookmarks Toolbar.

Still stuck? Check out our Bookmarklet FAQ

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