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Track, analyze and report on the online conversations surrounding your publications

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Insights across the entire Altmetric database

The Altmetric Explorer for Publishers is an easy-to-use web-based platform that enables users to browse and report on all attention data for every piece of scholarly content Altmetric has found attention for.

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A real-time measure of attention

All the conversations in one place
Altmetric collects the relevant discussions around each piece of published research from policy documents, mainstream news outlets, post-publication peer-review forums, social media and blogs, Wikipedia, and online reference managers like Mendeley – then makes it all available to you in one place.
Easily analyze and compare
Each article is given a score that provides an indicator of the quantity and reach of attention it has received. The score donut visualization tells you at a glance how much attention has been paid to a publication, as well as which sources the mentions have come from.
Competitor insight at the click of a button
Curious to see how the attention surrounding your published research compares to that of your competitors? The Explorer includes access to the full Altmetric database – attention data for over 19 million research outputs to date.
Get to know your audience
Instantly see the demographics for the social network users mentioning each piece of research. Was a study unusually popular in Spain? Amongst doctors? Science communicators? The Explorer can tell you.

Intuitive features for reporting & analysis

Summaries and visualizations
Quickly and easily gather attention visualizations and data summaries for any search query within the Altmetric Explorer using the Highlights Tab.
Real-time updates
Our attention data is collated and updated in real time – meaning you start to get feedback on your publications almost as soon as they’re made available online.
Export data
All of the data in the Explorer can be exported via Excel or an API to be used in other internal reporting or dashboards.
Email alerts
Set up daily, weekly or monthly email alerts to receive regular updates on the attention surrounding content you care about, delivered straight to your inbox.
Powerful search & filtering
Browse all articles in the database, or filter by specific journals, publishers, subject area or author affiliation. Enter unique identifiers (including DOIs, ISBNs, PubMed IDs, arXiv IDs and Handles) to track specific items. Alternatively, search for individual outputs using keywords.

How are other publishers using it?

Take a look at some of the innovative ways leading publishers around the world are already using Altmetric.

Genetics Society of America: The benefit of real-time feedback

Executive Editor Tracey DePellegrin discusses the society’s experience of adopting altmetrics – and the feedback they’ve had from authors.

Taylor & Francis Group: Providing new insights into how work is discussed online

An overview of how journal publisher Taylor & Francis have implemented Altmetric across their portfolio.

Pricing and implementation

The Altmetric Explorer is available on a site license basis, providing easy browsing access for all members of your organization. Each user also has the option to create an account to set up reporting and alerts.

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