Conduct competitive benchmarking and uncover HCPs opinion with Share of Voice

Scientific share of voice offers an opportunity for medical affairs to use advanced analytics that identify how, when, and where people are talking about your products and your research. It allows teams to understand how HCPs perceive your product, your company, and competitors in context, identify any unmet needs, scientific gaps, or potential sources of dissatisfaction, and act on these with speed.

Save time with advanced metrics in one place 

In collaboration with Dimensions we are able to bring together:

  • Traditional citation metrics: from publications, clinical trials, and grants; and,
  • Alternative metrics, such as online attention in social media, news, and policy

This builds a unique data-driven dashboard targeted to your therapeutic area to help you really understand your scientific share of voice. 

Our data scientists bring a depth of knowledge and results-focused expertise to deliver precise data analytics in an interactive, shareable, and visual dashboard that’s easy to explore and understand. 

Benchmark your company’s scientific literature
Drive engagement across multiple channels and audiences
Understand the true impact of scientific literature and the sentiment surrounding it
Really understand whether conversations are positive or negative and react accordingly

web browser screen with graphs and charts

Through close collaboration, we can answer your precise needs. You can filter the process with precision, as we slice and dice the data to match your exact needs. Whether you want to opt for a broad overview picture or zoom in with a very specific and narrow focus we can help you.

You might include one or more therapeutic areas (TA) and a variety of products (including other companies’ products) to measure who is engaging with your research and that of your peers.

You can then filter the results in multiple ways, from publication year to journal name, clinical trial and geographical region. And any time you adjust a filter, you’ll see the results update instantly.

You can also drill down into highly detailed data, revealing a wide range of actionable insights, such as:

Which news sources have given you the most coverage
Whether there are any differences in coverage by news sources and social media
How results compare according to factors like the number of researchers involved, the age of publication, or the number of clinical trials
The impact of mentions by opinion leaders, and which of them has had the most influence

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