Drive smarter pharma communications strategies

Drive smarter pharma communications strategies

Reach more healthcare professionals and broaden your publications’ impact

If you’re in pharma communications, you know it’s essential to reach as many healthcare professionals as possible. 

To form a strategy to achieve this, you need to know which channels and tactics will work best for you. But this is hard to discover from the mountains of data out there. 

Traditional approaches to scientific share of voice and impact-tracking take up valuable time and money. What’s more, they often miss important audiences on social media and other emerging channels. 

This is how Altmetric can help. You can instantly see what publications are having the most influence and where; which research is sparking conversations on social media; and the audience profiles of the people talking about it.

Armed with these insights, you can:

  • Build an effective communication and publication strategy
  • Publish in the most relevant journals for each therapeutic area
  • Back up your decisions with robust, real-world data 
  • Maximize your reach of healthcare professionals 

Capture valuable insights to shape your strategy

1. On the Mention Sources tab in the Altmetric Explorer, filter by individual sources (such as News) to see all the outlets that have mentioned outputs in their search results.

2. You can then either view the last three recent mentions, or go to the Mentions tab to see all the mentions made by that particular source. 

3. If you’re focused on a particular organization, you can also search for that single source in the Mentions Tab.

Now you have valuable, exportable data that reveals where your target audience is accessing research, and how successfully those journals are reaching a larger audience.

Measure your share of voice

The Share of Voice dashboard reveals how patients, doctors and the public are engaging with your research and communications.

  • See your scientific share of voice at a glance – with the analysis of thousands of online conversations, precisely customized to your specific therapeutic area, drug or topic of interest and presented to you in a clear visual dashboard 
  • See the sentiment of conversations people are having across social media in near real-time – and even which audience profile they are
  • Identify which publications are having the most influence – and use this to shape your future strategies

If you’re in pharmaceutical communications or marketing, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions, support them with hard evidence, and drive effective strategies that get better results. To find out more, talk to our friendly team today.

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