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We make article level metrics easy.

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Every day, thousands of scholarly papers are being discovered, discussed and shared.

Altmetric tracks what people are saying about papers online on behalf of publishers, authors, libraries and institutions.

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Who is Altmetric for?

For Publishers

Showcase research impact to your authors and readers in a beautiful new way. Monitor, search and measure all of the conversations about your journal’s articles, as well as those published by your competitors.

For Institutions

Add value to your libraries and institutional repositories. Track article level metrics for your institution's research outputs, and show faculty, staff and students a richer picture of their online research impact.

For Researchers

Complement your reading by instantly visualising a paper's online attention. Discover new scholarly articles in hundreds of disciplines, while monitoring your personal research impact in academia and beyond.

Illuminate research impact with Altmetric data.

Altmetric collects mentions of scholarly articles from all across the Web by gathering attention from newspapers, blogs, social media, and more. In minutes, you can bring Altmetric data to your journal platform or application with our embeddable badges. Alternatively, pick just the metrics you care about using the powerful enterprise-level Altmetric API.

For non-commercial use, the Altmetric API is free! Mash up Altmetric data with your own, and enhance your research or visualisations.

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Dive into the data with the Altmetric Explorer.

Our intuitive web app, the Altmetric Explorer, brings all of the scholarly conversations to you. Editors, press officers, publishers, librarians and researchers can use the Altmetric Explorer to quickly and efficiently monitor the online attention paid to scholarly articles.

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Get altmetrics instantly with the free Altmetric Bookmarklet.

Use our free bookmarklet on any recent scholarly article to see how much attention it has received online. Simply click "Altmetric It" while reading a paper, and instantly get a snapshot of its Altmetric data.

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