The Altmetric Top 100 re-imagined: a discussion with Mike Taylor

Laura Day
a line drawing of the number 100 on a dark blue background

Many of you will be familiar with the annual Altmetric Top 100. Launched in 2013, this list highlighted the most-mentioned scholarly publications from the year, and featured much-discussed topical research that had caught the wider public’s imagination. 

Since its launch, the Top 100 has demonstrated the influence and reach that it is possible for research to have – and through our data we have shown that communicating beyond the academy is critical to the broader dissemination and application of academic study. 

Given the evolving landscape of research communication and analyses, we have decided it’s time to refresh our annual review of society’s engagement with research. Instead of continuing to produce a typical ‘Top 100’, in future years we will focus our analyses on the unique opportunities our data offers: identifying emerging trends, highlighting examples of great engagement, and encouraging researchers to communicate their research and its outcomes as effectively as possible. 

As a result of this change we did not produce an official Top 100 for 2021. 

As a final farewell to the original lists, Altmetric’s Head of Data Insights, Mike Taylor, shared a series of blog posts that each took a different approach to compiling a ‘top 100’ – and analyzed the data to draw out the key considerations of each approach. 

We recently held a webinar with Mike to talk through the three different approaches in a bit more detail. 

During the session, Mike looked at the similarities and differences between the different sets of data that the calculations returned and considered the pros and cons of each approach. 

We even asked our audience which approach they preferred! 

Watch some key clips from the session here