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Emerald Publishing uses Altmetric data and tools to enhance user experience and boost internal communications

Emerald Publishing is working with data science company and alternative metrics provider Altmetric to provide stakeholders with valuable publication attention insights.

April 07 2020, London, UK:  Launched in July 2019, Emerald Insight, Emerald Publishing’s digital research platform, will now display Altmetric Badges on individual article pages, demonstrating Emerald’s commitment to
helping their authors realize broader impacts and demonstrate the attention they deserve for their work. Altmeric Badges also provide additional context to Emerald content readers, uniquely showcasing evidence of article-level engagement.

In addition to Altmetric Badges, Emerald Publishing has also subscribed to Altmetric Explorer for Publishers to help make day-to-day editorial and marketing decisions. Attention data is collated and updated in real time within the Explorer – meaning Emerald Publishing will start to get feedback on their publications (as well as competitive ones) on a daily basis.

Speaking on the partnership, Tony Roche, Publishing and Strategic Relations Director at Emerald Publishing commented, “By using Altmetric Badges as well as Altmetric Explorer, we are able to provide our authors with a useful reflection of the influence that their research is having on society.” When commenting on the Altmetric Explorer for Publishers, Tony said: “The unique data provided by the platform gives our staff reliable and real-time insights that can inform their day-to-day operations as well as long term strategic planning.”

Altmetric’s CEO Kathy Christian added, “We’re so pleased to welcome Emerald Publishing to the Altmetric fold. The combination of Altmetric Badges and Altmetric Explorer for Publishers will enable them to enhance both their internal communications as well as their readers’ and authors’ experience.”

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