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In this post, Stacy Konkiel, Director of Research Relations at Altmetric, gathers and categorizes the altmetrics related research that published this year. In 2018, the amount of Altmetric-related research that we’re aware of tripled. Typically, this research is quantitative in nature and offers new insights about the way research is communicated. Here, I’ve collected and categorized all 80+ known articles, preprints and conference proceedings published in 2018 that analyze Altmetric data. We’re proud to continue to support scientometrics researchers worldwide by offering access to our data, free of charge–something we’ve … Read More
Next week, Altmetric will release the list of the Top 100 most popular articles of 2018. As we learned in last week’s blog post, the annual Top 100 list has seen many interesting topics and trends in the last five years. Though the Altmetric Top 100 includes only articles, Altmetric has also tracked the online attention surrounding scholarly books since 2016. In this post, we’ll supplement the 2018 Top 100 by having an additional look at trends for the Top 20 books that received the most … Read More
Since December 2013 we’ve tracked, collated, blogged and podcasted about the most talked about papers that have been published each year, giving a rundown of which topics caught the public’s imagination. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the insights and trends we’ve seen in Top 100 lists from 2013 to 2017, ahead of the release of the 2018 Top 100 next month. Health research takes the top spot Since the very first annual Top 100 list was created, health-related research papers have been the most talked about overall. Some of the most … Read More
In this second part of the two-part guest post by Steve Dudley, Chief Operations Officer of the British Ornithologists Union (BOU), he discusses how individuals and society publishers can use online channels to enhance their research communications. Read part 1 ‘Social media mentions deliver citations of research articles’ here. Part 2: Using social media to promote your research articles Adapted from an article first published in ISMTE’s EON(March 2018, Issue 11)   The BOU – 160 years old, digital, dynamic and social The BOU is 160 years old. Like many, particularly older, societies, adapting to the fast-changing … Read More
In this first of a two-part guest blog post, Steve Dudley, Chief Operations Officer of the British Ornithologists Union (BOU) summarises the results from his recently published article in ISMTE looking at the positive effects of promoting research on Twitter. The second part of this blog post will be published tomorrow (November 15th).   Part 1: social media mentions deliver citations of research articles Adapted from an article first published in ISMTE’s EON(March 2018, Issue 11) When you publish your research you look for impact. Impact comes in different forms, but most publishing academics strive … Read More
Welcome to the October High Five! On a monthly basis, the High Five post highlights the articles that have received the most attention from a particular attention source type – whether it’s blogs, policy documents, Twitter, Wikipedia, or something else! As Google+ will be shut down by Google soon, we thought we’d take the opportunity to highlight some of the research published in October that was mentioned by Google+ users. #1 Incredible findings from the Cassini mission Image credit: 12019 under CC0 Number one this month is “Saturn’s magnetic field revealed by the Cassini … Read More
Researchers! Are you a Wikipedia wizard, a social media and blog post seeker or a patent mention master? Take our quiz to find out what type of Altmetric attention you most like to receive for your research and enter our competition to win a £20 Amazon gift card! The quiz should only take a couple of minutes to complete. To enter our competition to win an Amazon gift card, simply tweet your result using #AltmetricResearcherQuiz by the 6th November. When you complete the quiz, you’ll also receive a link to one of our helpful guides which we think … Read More
In this post, Stacy Konkiel, Director of Research Relations at Altmetric, examines the evaluation uses and limitations of the new article-level subject data within Altmetric Explorer.     Last week, we introduced an exciting new feature in the Altmetric Explorer: article-level subject classifications. In this post, I want to explain what this means in practice for those who use the Explorer for evaluation: how it’s an improvement upon current subject classification practices used by other bibliometrics data providers, but also its current limitations. There are a number of bibliometrics … Read More
In this post, Inez van Korlaar, Head of Marketing, talks about how Altmetric has made some major search enhancements to the Altmetric Explorer by allowing users to search by subject area and author affiliation. We’re very proud to introduce two new search features (both of which have been high on our users’ wish lists for many years) to the Altmetric Explorer this month; we’ve integrated data from the search and discovery database Dimensions to make it possible to search by subject area and author affiliation! Being able to search by … Read More